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Did you know that:

        The following actors appeared in CARLITO'S WAY and SCARFACE
        (in case you didn't know, Brian DePalma directed and Al Pacino starred in both films)

Al Pacino...Carlito Brigante...Tony Montana Angel Salazar...Walberto(short man in funny red suit)...Chi Chi(one of Tony's partners) Al Israel...Rolando Rivas...Hector the Toad (guy who had the chainsaw) Caesar Cordova...the Barber...the cook (at the sandwhich stand where Tony first works) Michael P. Moran...Party guest...Nick the Pig

The name of the sandwhich stand in Scarface is Paradisio, the same as the Disco club that Carlito manages.

Director's Trademark?

       When Tony and company assasinate Frank, Tony is wearing a sling.
       When Benny Blanco assasinates Carlito, benny appears to be wearing a sling.
       There must be something to do with symbolism when the young, cocky punk
       takes over for the old, street wise "veteran".

Why did Brian DePalma do that?

        When CARLITO'S WAY begins, two shots are fired by Benny Blanco.
        When the same exact scene concludes near the end of the film, three shots are fired.

Did you know that:

      When Al Pacino verbally agreed to shoot CARLITO'S WAY in 1989,
      Marlon Brando was set to be in the film too.  I'm not sure what character Brando
      was going to play, but it probably would have been Tony "T" or Kleinfeld.
      But Pacino had committed himself to other projects and couldn't shoot the film until 1993.
      By that time, Brando was unavailable due to a busy schedule.

Did you know that:

       Sean Penn claims the "only" reason he agreed to do CARLITO'S WAY, was to raise
       enough cash to direct his own film, The Crossing Guard.

Did you know that:

       Rick Aviles, who played the character Quisqueya (the drug dealer who kills Carlito's 
       young cousin during a drug buy), recently died of AIDS, accordding to the Internet Movie 
       Data Base.

Hey, he was in Carlito's Way!

       The man on the left is John Ortiz.  He played the character Guajiro, Carlito's young
       cousin who gets his throat slit.  The man on the right is Tommy T, a huge fan of Carlito's
       Way.  He saw Ortiz in a small play on 42nd street in New York last year.  After the play, he
       went back stage to meet and talk with Ortiz.  When asked by Tommy what it was like to act 
       with Pacino, Ortiz replied, "Ah man, it was great!".  Thanks for the picture and story Tommy.

Attention all Carlito's Way fans: Someone is looking for...

       My name is Gavin Snyder and I am an architect in Rochester NY. My
       father is the designer and builder of the car (the radically altered and
       advanced 1970 Nova) driven by Carlito's cousin at the beginning of the movie.
       The car was sold, and we are trying to find the new owner. We have gotten
       numerous calls of interest on the car and have even received calls to cast it
       in other movies.  I thought I'd drop you a line and maybe you can post
       something about this. Maybe if the right person sees this info, they'll get in
       touch with us.

Click here to send email to Mr. Snyder about the whereabouts of the car.

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