Lalin from Carlito's Way

Viggo Mortensen as Lalin

Viggo Mortensen plays Lalin, the wheel chair bound, old friend to Carlito.  When Carlito
meets with and finds Lalin in the chair, his appearance deteriorated, Carlito is shook up.
Especially in the text version, After Hours, by Edwin Torres, Carlito gets very emotional upon
meeting with Lalin after such a long seperation, "Lalin.  We went through a lot of changes 
together.  Blond, good looking PR.  Great dancer.  All the chicks used to go for him.  Lotta 
heart, stand-up...They wheeled him in.  What had they done to you?  Hardly no hair.  Face all 
sucked and scrunched up.  No teeth hardly.  Good suit on, but his body was all dried up."
It's unfortuanate what transpired in that scene.

Mortensen is one of the hottest up and coming actors. He speaks several languages and has been in some foreign films. He is also the author of two poetry books. In fact, his role as Master Chief in G.I. Jane has his character reciting poetry to his soldiers. This idea was put into the film when Mortensen came up with the idea and consulted with the director.


His latest film released was G.I. Jane. Other recent performances were Albino Alligator, Daylight, Portrait of a Lady, and Crimson Tide.

His current project is Over the Moon, also starring Diane Lane and produced by Dustin Hoffman.