Pachanga from Carlito's Way

Luis Guzman as Pachanga

Al Pacino plays the ex-drug king, Carlito Brigante.  After getting out of prison, 
Carlito's heart is in the right place, but his loyalties sure aren't.  He is trapped 
between a consatntly enticing array of crime and hoodlums, and a new lease on life 
where he only wants to be left alone.  

Pacino is no stranger to playing a gutter tough character. Former roles in Panic in Needle Park (1969), Serpico (1973), Scarface (1983), and of course all three Godfathers show him in similar form. And you can see a little of some of these former roles in Carlito Brigante. Especially the ever-wise Michael Corleone and the forcefulness of Tony Montana.

His latest film released was DEVIL'S ADVOCATE. Other recent performances were DONNIE BRASCO, LOOKING FOR RICHARD, CITY HALL, and HEAT.

His current project is CHINESE COFFEE, a converted broadway play. Pacino is also directing this film. No release date has been set.